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Grooved Hardwood

When you’re installing beautiful grooved hardwood such as Ipe, Tigerwood, Cumaru, and Angelique, you want a fastener that will hold up, and that’s easy to install. Enter CAMO EdgeClips and EdgeXClips—the best hidden deck clip for grooved hardwood decking that can be installed 5X faster with DRIVE.

Products used with this material

Get your installation done 5X faster by using our award-winning CAMO DRIVE that can fasten Edge screws, Clips, and Face screws.

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Any board, any joist, straighten warped boards, and lock-in rows of grooved boards and clips with the LEVER board bending tool that sets in one turn.

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EDGE Clips hug the joist, require no partial installation, and are the best hidden deck clip for 90° deck installs.

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EDGEX Clips are designed to hug the groove in the board, making them perfect for angled deck and double joist installations.

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Install grooved decking on 14–18GA metal joists with EDGEXMETAL® Clips that engage quickly and can be fastened with the NEVER-MISS Guide or DRIVE.

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Avoid face fastening your first and last grooved board by securing them with our STARTER Clips.

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...we are using Angelique decking for this project. It is a very expensive product—we wanted to use the best fastener that’s out there.

Ray Pung,
founder and owner of RÄK Home Construction

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