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Square Edge Synthetics

Achieve a fastener-free surface on square uncapped composite and PVC deck boards quickly while standing up with the CAMO DRIVE™ tool and Collated Edge Screws. For all composites and PVCs, you can use the MARKSMAN Pro® Tool that creates automatic 3/16 in. spacing between boards and fastens two hand drive Edge Screws into the sides of the board. Use the pre-drill bit if you’re edge fastening capped composites with the MARKSMAN Pro. For a traditional face fastened look, use CAMO Collated Face Screws for Composite with the DRIVE, or install CAMO Composite Screws by hand.

Products used with this material

Install decking while standing up with the award-winning CAMO DRIVE™ that can fasten Collated Edge and Face screws and Clips.

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Collated Edge Screws for Wood and Composite

For exclusive use with the DRIVE tool, Collated Edge Screws secure pressure treated, cedar, redwood, uncapped composite, and PVC boards through the edge.

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Collated Face Deck Screws for Composite

Collated Face Deck Screws for Composite are color-matched to blend into the surface of the board and are for exclusive use with the DRIVE tool.

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The MARKSMAN Pro® Tool clamps to the board and creates a 3/16 in. (5mm) gap while guiding two CAMO Edge deck screws into the side of the board.

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Pre-Drill Bit

Use the Pre-Drill bit to drill a hole before fastening hardwood and capped composite boards with Stainless Steel Edge deck screws.

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Edge Deck Screws

Pair the patented rake tip screws with a MARKSMAN tool to install a fastener-free surface easily and affordably.

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Composite Deck Screws

Available in 10 colors, these screws cut cleanly through the board surface for a smooth finish.

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Any board, any joist, straighten warped boards, and lock-in rows of grooved boards and clips with the LEVER® board bending tool that sets in one turn.

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The CAMO DRIVE helped Chip Wade build 2,400 sq. ft deck and dock.

...you can stand up so it saves your back and you can cover a ton of square footage.

Chip Wade
Designer and Contractor at Wade Works Creative

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