Exterior Screws

CAMO Exterior Screws are designed specifically for exterior projects. Our deck, trim, collated, and structural screws are all ACQ compatible and have provided premium protection and performance for over a decade.

Collated Edge Deck Screws

Collated Deck Screws
  • For use in 1” (26mm) thick treated lumber, composite, capped composite, or PVC decking
  • Use exclusively with the CAMO DRIVE deck fastening tool and orange Edge Guide
  • Edge deck screws install through the edge of the deck board, leaving a fastener-free surface
  • Rake tip augers material out, trimhead reduces visibility on edge
  • 2-⅜” (60mm) 
  • ProTech (Grey), 316 Stainless Steel
  • 1000 count
  • Installation instructions
  • Technical data

Check out our Fastener Calculator to help you determine how many screws you need to build your deck.

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