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305 and 316 Stainless Steel

Whether you’re building a coastal deck, constructing a project on a farm, or working on any exterior structure, CAMO Stainless Steel fasteners will help provide long-lasting aesthetics and superior corrosion resistance.

CAMO 305 Stainless Steel offers great resistance against corrosion, keeping projects safe and long-lasting while providing excellent aesthetics.

Use 305 for a variety of applications:

  • Exterior structures 3000 feet to 10 miles from a saltwater shoreline
  • Installations of pressure treated, PVC, composite, and capped composite boards
  • Outdoor projects in any inland environment that you want to protect against corrosion

CAMO 316 Stainless Steel Marine Grade fasteners are the best practice for every install and will hold up in the most corrosive environments.

Use 316 Stainless Steel in the following applications:

  • Coastal, marine, or waterway areas
  • Structures near swimming pools
  • Agricultural environments
  • Decks, patios, and structures that will face corrosive agents
  • Installations of cedar, redwood, or hardwood decking

For more information on CAMO alloys and coatings, check out our Training Guide.


The line includes Stainless Steel exterior screws and hand drive nails that start fast and hold strong and collated nails to make quick work of framing projects.

Deck Screws

Composite Screws

Edge Screws

Trim Screws

Ring Shank Deck Nails

Joist Hanger Nails

Collated Ring Shank Framing Nails

Collated Metal Hanger Nails

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