Structural Fasteners

CAMO offers a full line of high-performing, code-compliant structural screws for all your deck and framing needs. They are engineered to start fast, drive smooth, and hold strong. No pre-drilling required. Features our industry-leading propriety coating for superior corrosion resistance.

Framing Screws

Structural Screws
  • 0.160 in. (4.06mm) structural framing screw for wood-to-wood connections, deck blocking, and other interior and exterior projects
  • Replaces 8d, 10d, and 16d nails in interior and exterior applications
  • Type 17 slash point removes material as it’s driven, reducing friction and drive time with no pre-drilling
  • Large flat head maximizes pull-through holding power and finishes flush with work area
  • Certified IRC / IBC code-compliant
  • State of Florida FL 41741
  • T-25 star drive reduces cam outs and excessive wear on bit
  • Coated with our proprietary PROTECH Ultra 4 coating system, which features four layers that combine to provide the ultimate corrosion protection
  • Available in 2-½ in. (63.5mm) and 3” (76.2mm) lengths
  • 50, 150, 1000 ct
  • T-25 bit included in every package
  • TER Report

Building a Deck or Tackling an Exterior Project With CAMO Fasteners Means Building Better.

CAMO fasteners start fast, create strong connections, and hold up to the elements over time.


We’ve got a number of code-compliant, superior-coated, fast starting and smooth driving, high-performing structural screws. Multi-ply, ledger, framing, truss, and more-CAMO is your one-stop shop for all your wood-to-wood structural fastening needs.


Our proprietary PROTECH Ultra 4 caging features four layers of corrosion-fighting, UV-resisting, performance-enhancing coating for long-lasting connections. It’s the only screw coating on the market tested to ASTM G198 standard, which required 2X longer testing and 3X more samples than industry standard. We went the extra mile so you can sleep better knowing your structural connections will last.


Our screws don’t just meet code, they CRUSH it. Rigorously third-party tested and certified, our screws are best in class and we’ve got the numbers to prove it. Have confidence knowing your project – and your reputation – has a rock solid foundation.

Build SMARTER, build faster.

CAMO products are easy to use, easy to learn, and usable on any deck—so you can get the job done and move on.