Exterior Fasteners

CAMO Exterior Fasteners are designed specifically for exterior projects. Each screw starts fast, holds strong, and is backed by a CAMO warranty against rust and corrosion so you can confidently use them in all of your decking projects, substructures, landscaping, fences, pole barns, and more.

Deck Screws

Deck and Trim Screws
  • Multipurpose deck screws for face fastening wood deck boards and securing other exterior wood-to-wood connections
  • Type 17 slash point for fast starts and no pre-drilling
  • Buglehead draws board tight, finishing flush
  • 2/3 thread design offers premium holding power
  • T-20 and T-25 Star Drive reduces cam-outs and eliminates excessive wear on the screw head and bit
  • 1-¼ in. (31.8mm), 1-⅝ in. (41.3mm), 2 in. (50.8mm), 2-½ in. (63.5mm), 3 in. (76.2mm), 3-½ in. (88.9mm), and 4 in. (101.6mm) lengths
  • Available in green and tan PROTECH coating to blend into wood surfaces, and 305 and 316 Stainless Steel for maximum corrosion resistance
  • 50, 100, 250, 350, 1350, 1750 count
  • T-20 and T-25 power bit included
  • Technical data

Check out our Fastener Calculator to help you determine how many screws you need to build your deck.

The CAMO Guarantee

CAMO fasteners are backed by a CAMO warranty. That means you can confidently use them in your decking, fencing, landscaping, and other exterior projects, without having to worry about rust and corrosion.

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Building a Deck or Tackling an Exterior Project With CAMO Fasteners Means Building Better.

CAMO fasteners start fast, create strong connections, and hold up to the elements over time.


We offer everything from deck and trim screws to hand drive and collated nails. That means you can use CAMO exterior fasteners to build decks, substructures, handrails, posts, landscaping projects, fences, pole barns, and more.


Fasteners are available in various coatings and alloys, ranging from our proprietary PROTECH™ coating to 305 and 316 Stainless Steel. Use PROTECH for inland environments that face regular exposure to the elements. Rely on 305 Stainless Steel for projects that are 3000 feet or more from the saltwater shoreline and in areas where you need more corrosion protection. For the best practice installation no matter where you are, use 316 Stainless Steel for every project, which will keep your connections safe, strong, and long-lasting, even in highly corrosive environments.


Each fastener is designed to make installation easy while creating strong connections. Screws feature slash points for quick starts with no predrilling that reduces splitting, hand drive nails feature a diamond point to start fast, and collated nails work with various pneumatic nails to make quick work of framing projects. Each screw also has a Star Drive for better bit connections that provides more points of contact, reducing cam outs, and comes with power bits for jobsite convenience.

Build SMARTER, build faster.

CAMO products are easy to use, easy to learn, and usable on any deck—so you can get the job done and move on.