CAMO Screw Off! Dealer Testimonials

Robert Morgenroth, Manager

Park Union Lumber, Randolph, NJ

“Everyone was really inspired by the new Harley Davidson parked in front of the store before the event. It provided a nice incentive for a day of intense, but fun-filled competitions. The CAMO® Screw Off!™ was also ideal for introducing several customers to the product line for the first time. We even made some sales to contractors who were immediately impressed with the system’s ease-of-use.”

Larry Ferrara

Builders’ General Supply Company, Little Silver, NJ

“What a great way to increase store traffic and introduce first-time users to the benefits of the CAMO® Edge Fastening system. The CAMO® Screw Off!™ was perfect for demonstrating the product and bringing our customers together for an action-packed day of fun. It was a really exciting event.”

Mario Giannotte, Branch Manager

Dykes Lumber, Weehawken, NJ

“The CAMO® Screw Off!™ was not only a lot fun, it provided a great way to clearly define CAMO system benefits. We have customers that were dedicated to other techniques that are now avid users. CAMO® Edge Fastening works so well, it practically sells itself.”

Chris Vaughan, Inside Sales Manager

Cape Cod Lumber, Abington, MA.

“The CAMO® Screw Off!™ really kept our customers engaged throughout the day. Everyone had a great time in the head-to-head competition. Plus, it gave us the opportunity to introduce CAMO® Edge Fastening to anyone new to the system. CAMO’s ease of use made an immediate impact on everyone who tried it for the first time.”

Patrick Magurn

Hammond Lumber Company, Portland, ME

“Our Portland and Brunswick stores hosted separate CAMO Screw Off events and generated over 50 participants combined. Many of these customers had never used CAMO Edge Fastening before this event and were immediately impressed with the speed and ease-of-use once they got their hands on the system.

Derek Hayes, Store Manager

Deering Lumber, Kennebunk, ME

“We had an awesome turnout. Everyone had a great time participating in the competition and learning about the CAMO® Deck Fastening product line–we even made several sales. Along with the speed, everyone was impressed with how well CAMO worked every single time.”

Bob Corracio, Store Manager

Moore Lumber & Hardware, Ayer, MA

“What a fantastic day. Everyone really enjoyed competing in the event. It was a lot of fun and gave us the opportunity to demonstrate CAMO® Edge Fastening to first-time users. Several were so impressed they bought the tool before leaving the store.”

Paul Hamel, General Manager

Cyr Lumber, Windham, NH

“It was a great day with a lot of fun. Everyone enjoyed the competition, even our employees who held a contest among themselves. The CAMO® Screw Off!™ also provided a fantastic opportunity to educate first-timers about CAMO® Edge Fastening benefits and even make some sales.”

Bruce Stout, General Manager

Huston Lumber & Supply, N. Plainfield, NJ

“The CAMO® Screw Off!™ was great for creating excitement and increasing store traffic. Whether they participated or watched, everyone had a really good time. and experienced just how easy the CAMO system is to use.”

Screw Off! Website Graphic

Congratulations Dealers and Contractors for making it to the CAMO Screw Off! Finals!

The CAMO Screw Off! Finals are right around the corner.  Here are some key things to remember when you arrive at the 2018 LBM Expo in Providence, Rhode Island on Wednesday, February 14, 2018.

  • Meet the CAMO Screw Off! Team at the Idea Exchange (near the CAMO booth #226) by 10am on Wednesday, February 14th.
  • CAMO Screw Off! Elimination rounds begin at 11am and run through 3pm.
  • The “Elite 8” competition will begin at 3pm.
  • The grand prize winner along with the other winners will be announced at 4pm.

We look forward to meeting with you at the 2018 LBM Expo on Wednesday, February 14th!

For Winning Contractors of the Local Event:

Here is an example of a Smack Talking Video (less than a minute) that we would like you to create and send us.  You want to tell the world why you are going to win the 2017 Harley-Davidson® Roadster™.


  • The video needs to be less than 50 seconds long
  • No foul language or vulgarity
  • We are going to post as many of these videos as we can on Social Media to build more hype toward this fabulous event

For Participating Dealers of the Local Event(s):

As we approach the CAMO Screw Off! Finals in Providence, Rhode Island, we would like to have some fun and build some hype on social media.  We would like get two things from you.

  • Two photos of some of your team preferably wearing your company logo shirts or standing in front of your company logo (exterior or interior sign).
    • In the first photo, the team should have “game faces on”.  In other words, very serious and focused like the photo below.
    • In the second photo, the team should be smiling like the photo below.
    • We are going to add the appropriate tag line and post it on social media.  For example, it could say “Our Champion, Bob Smith from Smith Construction is ready to represent ABC Lumber from New Haven, Connecticut at the 2018 CAMO Screw Off! Finals.  Are you ready to take us on?”
  • We also would like a short video (less than a minute) of you talking about how you are going to support your champion at the 2018 CAMO Screw Off! Finals.

We are looking forward to having you and your contractor join us for this fun event!

IMG_7558 copy

If you have any questions, please contact:

Kevin Brockmyre


(315) 374-1796

Eugene McCann


(315) 459-3004