“Glenbrook Lumber found the CAMO® Hidden Deck Fastening System to be a great addition to our product mix. Our contractors won more bids by offering CAMO® as a cost effective solution to the high cost of hidden deck fasteners.”
Carl Wegener
Glenbrook Lumber & Supply, Inc.
Oakdale, Minnesota

“Contractors have fallen in love with it!  Out of all the hidden fasteners system out there, the CAMO® Hidden Deck Fastening System is the fastest they have ever used.  It’s a lightweight tool, very economical and saves a lot of time during install. Great Product! Our customers are eager to try it!”
Darrin Leonard
Tully Building Supply
Tully, New York

“Within a short period of time we sold out of CAMO® Hidden Fasteners! It was a great product rollout, and after getting more product in, we almost sold out again. Our customers love the product because it’s so simple—clamp, screw, go! No comparison to any other product and we are driving customers to the system!”
Jim McMahon
Johnson Madison Lumber Co.
Great Falls, Montana

“Customers walking into our locations today are walking out more with CAMO® than they were with any other previous hidden fastener system option. Business is all about staying on top of things and finding the next big product.   The CAMO® Hidden Deck Fastening System has helped us move to the next chapter in our business.”
Z. Barbosa
Austin Wholesale Decking
Austin, Texas